Weekend Deposit Bonus


The weekend is the time of the week when all worries should be left behind in favor of relaxation, fun and the chance of winning big prizes here at CasinoPlex!

So, whether it is your 1st, 2nd or even your 10th deposit of the day – worry not – we’re giving you from 25% to 100% in bonuses depending on your VIP level on EACH deposit you make during Saturdays and Sundays.

The bonus depends on the amount of your deposit, so the higher your deposit is, the bigger deposit bonus you’ll get as follows:

VIP level 1 Players

Deposit Weekend Bonus
from £$€10 to £$€24 25%
from £$€25 and up 50% up to £$€100


VIP level 2-8 Players

Deposit Weekend Bonus
from £$€10 to £$€24 25%
from £$€25 to £$€49 50%
from £$€50 to £$€99 75%
from £$€100 and up 100% up to £$€100


Play any of your favorite CasinoPlex games every weekend and you might become the next big winner and get your name on our Hall of Fame!

Nothing should hold you down!

Bonus Terms and Conditions: