Daily Deposit Bonus


Here at CasinoPlex we know how important it is to start a day with a spark, with a smile, with a little bit of warmth which would keep you going throughout the rest of the day!

That’s why we’re giving you from 25% to 100% in bonus on your first deposit of the day from Monday to Friday depending on your VIP level.

The bonus depends on the amount of your deposit, so the higher your deposit is, the bigger deposit bonus you’ll get as follows:

VIP level 1 Players

Deposit Daily Bonus
from £$€10 to £$€24 25%
from £$€25 and up 50% up to £$€100


VIP level 2-8 Players

Deposit Daily Bonus
from £$€10 to £$€24 25%
from £$€25 to £$€49 50%
from £$€50 to £$€99 75%
from £$€100 and up 100% up to £$€100


The daily deposit bonus is just one of many ways that we reward our players here at CasinoPlex. Check out all your VIP benefits here.

Light your week up with CasinoPlex!

Bonus Terms and Conditions: